Bedouin Journey – Le Périple Bédouin

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Bedouin Journey

History of Wadi Rum

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Wadi Rum : a unique desert

Wadi Rum Desert is located in the south of Jordan, near the Saudi border about 70km from Aqaba. Wadi means “valley”, and Wadi Rum is also known as “The Valley of the Moon”.

This desert expanse, composed of canyons, natural arches, sand dunes, cliffs and sandstone mountains all more impressive than the others, has been formed over the centuries. Sculpted by the runoff of rainwater, and the wind, Wadi Rum desert is unique, both in the shape of the mountains and in its spectacular colors. 

Since 1998, Wadi Rum Desert has been recognized as a protected area by the Jordanian government. In 2011, this desert was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He is, in reality, as famous as Petra. An isolated, peaceful and unique region, Wadi Rum is a wild desert where the sharing of Bedouin culture and traditions as well as openness reigns.

The nomadic Bedouins of Wadi Rum

For thousands of years, Bedouins have lived in this desert expanse. Nomads, they moved accompanied by their faithful herds of goats, camels or sheep. They set up their tents according to their routes and lived with ease.

To date, the Bedouin way of life is deeply rooted in the values of each inhabitant of the village. They remain faithful to Bedouin values: courage, honor and hospitality. Although caught up in the changing ways of life, they continue to want to perpetuate their traditions as a cultural heritage. These are the values that we want to share!