Bedouin Journey – Le Périple Bédouin

bedouin ourney

Bedouin Journey

The Bedouin Tent Experience in Wadi Rum

Spend a night in complete simplicity, under the canvas of a Bedouin tent and wake up in the middle of the desert.

bedouin tent wadi rum

The experience of the bedouin tent

We welcome you in a traditional Bedouin tent. It represents the good compromise between the bivouac and the traveler camp. This option is available in combined formulas of several nights, the tents are located off the beaten track!

The tent canvas is made in the village. The women weave the canvases with goat hair, camel hair or even sheep wool. The tent is suitable for the desert, it can be dismantled. This allows you to move freely in the nature reserve.

We position it to protect against natural elements. So you will be perfectly sheltered. Don’t be surprised that this tent is not closed!

The overnight stay includes both traditional dinner and breakfast. You will be immersed in Bedouin life in communion with nature.

Come experience the human encounter!

The specificities :

Traditional discovery